Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day 4 and 5

Didn’t get an opportunity to post on Saturday, so I’ll do that now.

Day 4

Not a very productive school day, as it was spent organizing for and enjoying the school’s 91st anniversary celebrations. The upper sixths finally beat the teachers in the cricket match after possibly 70 years or so losing to them. This is like, a historical moment.
I tried to study water droplets today, but I was too tired to even finish. I realize that I have trouble with blues. Understanding the blue colour spectrum is what I’m gonna spend some time on, cause I have trouble differentiating between the different hues and saturations. I also came to this realization after taking Munsel’s HueTest which I got a perfect score in (yay!) but I took quite a while longer on the blues.
Also, spent 30 mins doing strength and stretching exercises. No school work got done ;(

Day 5

Got sick :(((
I swear it feels like anyone who takes up this challenge gets sick not too long after XD;; Stupid evil universe. >:(
Also unproductive today cause I wanted to recover. I read a bit of loomis here and there. Forced myself to bicycle ride for an hour. Felt amazing, so exhilarating. I need to do it more often <3 Especially listening to pumped up music <3
Then around 11 to 1 am I studied pure math before going to bed. Nothing really to show, but I’m hoping to have plenty especially thanks to the new Eye of The Tiger Challenge set up by some friends. :) 

And that concludes today's post xD


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