Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 1

So as they say, when you try to better yourself everything possible tries to get in your way. So for the past few days I’ve been lacking internet at home and when I get into school to post anything, blogspot is unavailable. Also my dad insists on disconnecting my internet at 10pm which is around the time I start painting. So I’ll be posting for each day the day after it occurred instead of the same day. :<

Day 1
Came home after 3 hours of pure math lessons.I had time to do only one study.; a colour study from one of Rembrandt’s self portraits. I really liked the saturated colours in this one. I timed myself this time, I wanted to go for an 1hr and a half but I went a little over. Results came back from my previous pure math test, first section I got almost total, the second I got 6 out of 25. >.>I saw where I needed to work on and I studied for a little over an hour, but I found myself very distracted. I need to work on that and try harder. school sucks  I forced myself to begin tidying my very large wall of mess. Yay for first day of challenge. \o/

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