Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 12

Just a quick post today because I stupidly keep forgetting to update this thing.
I need to stop posting so sporadically >_> I’m beginning to feel really disorganized with all the Day something to something. This stops today!
Awesome horse had their livestream, and there was a ref image that everyone used to paint from. I started after the stream had ended, and made my own. One that’d I’d like to finish up soon :D
 I really enjoyed doing this one because I followed the ref loosely, not focusing too much on likeness and getting the same skin tones. So I played around a bit in figuring out skin tones and painting hair. Was really enjoyable :)
I picked up doing my exercise routine which is fantastic. I'm doing aerobics and stretches for about 30mins a day. I'm going to try to continue this.
Unfortunately there isn't much art to show this week because this is the most stressful week of school so far. I've had a lot of assignments and a great lack in sleep. I do have some pieces and studies I plan to work on this weekend, so hopefully I can make up.


  1. Good work Jess! =) Could maybe add one more value to add in some more clarity to the drawing. Good work on getting the face lined up nicely. Keep pushing! =)

    1. True, true. I'll do that. Thanks for the encouragement Ed, always appreciate it <3