Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dat 8 -11

 Ah, sorry for not updating, when I started to write it up last time, my internet died and I didn't come back on xD

For the first 2 days, I felt a lot better than before which is goood.I was sneezing alot (like 20 sneezes an hour or something) but my allergies have subsided. I prepared myself a bit for the Challenge painting on deviantart. I did a study of skin and then applied it to the next painting. The full body portrait was rather difficult. I've never done any thing like it before and in the 2hrs, I barely finished (her hands are still undone xD) I also started the face last, which is why it looks so bad. At least I learned quite a bit from this study...I just need to study more anatomy and everything.

I've also been trying to look at my math the way I look at art. Do some studies then apply what you have learned. So I've studied quite a bit of pure math and I've drilled myself to answer questions in a short period of time. It started off really well. I nearly finished a whole paper in a little over an hour but the last 2 questions gave me a lot of trouble, but that was because I hadn't studied those topics. So, now I know what more to study :D
Later I drilled myself in more trig questions, tried to do the proofs in about 3 minutes. Went well until I got to the harder questions...gave up. -sigh-
I haven't exercised as much as I'd hoped, but I'm gonna start back from next week. My arm feels a lot better.

Alot of words, but that's it for today.