Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 3

Day 3
First off I’ve decided to swap out the last goal of the challenge, not because I won’t do it anymore, but because it is a bit more personal and I don’t want to blog about it all the time. However, I will continue to be helpful both in the household and in school, and stop shutting myself away from everyone.
So, instead I’m changing my 3rd goal to: Get more fit- I’m not overweight or anything, actually I’m kinda thin but I would like to tone up my body and acquire more strength. I practice kung fu/self defense and I find that I struggle to keep up with some of the routines and stances, so I want to make myself more flexible and strong.

I spent 2 hours at lessons today, and I realized how much I suck under pressure ;-; I could barely finish the paper, and when I went to work on the board, my brain froze and I couldn’t even subtract. -_- I felt so stupid and incompetent. I feel like my teacher expects better and I hate disappointing people :’( I hope to God I can pass this Cambridge exam. ._.
For the art part, I did a little volcano doodle thing. Just playing with ideas and stuff. I asked a friend to name two random objects and I'd try to incorporate it in a painting. She said a volcano and a lighthouse. xD So this is just what I've done today. Not too exciting.:B Though, I do hope to refine it in the future. :)

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