Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 13

Lets just continue and call this day 13 >_<

First is a landscape study from the eye of the tiger's challenge on dA. Then a couple face studies and expressions, about half an hour on each..Lastly the start of a cloth study. I can't paint cloth for shit, and most people come with clothes, so its time to study it.

Well, for some sad news, my parents are trying to prevent me and reduce my hours spent on my art. They don't see it as a "priority" and they want me to put more of my energy into school, even though I feel like I'm balancing it well enough. School isn't everything! Ugh.. :/ So I'm not gonna listen and try to paint as often, except I'd probably have to wake at the wee hours of the morning to do that. So, we'll see what happens. :(


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 12

Just a quick post today because I stupidly keep forgetting to update this thing.
I need to stop posting so sporadically >_> I’m beginning to feel really disorganized with all the Day something to something. This stops today!
Awesome horse had their livestream, and there was a ref image that everyone used to paint from. I started after the stream had ended, and made my own. One that’d I’d like to finish up soon :D
 I really enjoyed doing this one because I followed the ref loosely, not focusing too much on likeness and getting the same skin tones. So I played around a bit in figuring out skin tones and painting hair. Was really enjoyable :)
I picked up doing my exercise routine which is fantastic. I'm doing aerobics and stretches for about 30mins a day. I'm going to try to continue this.
Unfortunately there isn't much art to show this week because this is the most stressful week of school so far. I've had a lot of assignments and a great lack in sleep. I do have some pieces and studies I plan to work on this weekend, so hopefully I can make up.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dat 8 -11

 Ah, sorry for not updating, when I started to write it up last time, my internet died and I didn't come back on xD

For the first 2 days, I felt a lot better than before which is goood.I was sneezing alot (like 20 sneezes an hour or something) but my allergies have subsided. I prepared myself a bit for the Challenge painting on deviantart. I did a study of skin and then applied it to the next painting. The full body portrait was rather difficult. I've never done any thing like it before and in the 2hrs, I barely finished (her hands are still undone xD) I also started the face last, which is why it looks so bad. At least I learned quite a bit from this study...I just need to study more anatomy and everything.

I've also been trying to look at my math the way I look at art. Do some studies then apply what you have learned. So I've studied quite a bit of pure math and I've drilled myself to answer questions in a short period of time. It started off really well. I nearly finished a whole paper in a little over an hour but the last 2 questions gave me a lot of trouble, but that was because I hadn't studied those topics. So, now I know what more to study :D
Later I drilled myself in more trig questions, tried to do the proofs in about 3 minutes. Went well until I got to the harder questions...gave up. -sigh-
I haven't exercised as much as I'd hoped, but I'm gonna start back from next week. My arm feels a lot better.

Alot of words, but that's it for today.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 7

 Welp, I had to stay home today. I was feeling feverish and with that I stupidly decided to see if my phone could float >-> I felt like crap and slept most of the day, trying to recover. I did however force myself to do some anatomy stuff for the first time…yay \o/ My camera isn’t working so I can’t upload anything, but I did a pouring water bubbles study, to help practice with blues and bubbly things which had previously given me trouble :)
I studied pure math for an hour or so. Trigs is less of a nightmare. w00t /o/ At least I was a bit productive in my illness :))And I just realized how ironic it is, I paint water the day I kill my phone with water x)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 6

Quick post today. Still feeling sick..lazed around but I did a study of a panther. Someone told me that a study of a black panther would help me understand the colours of black hair, which it did. :D I just need more practice, in like, everything. Not much else to account for today, but as soon as I feel back to normal, its twice the amount of work I’m doing to catch up >.>
That’s it for today

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day 4 and 5

Didn’t get an opportunity to post on Saturday, so I’ll do that now.

Day 4

Not a very productive school day, as it was spent organizing for and enjoying the school’s 91st anniversary celebrations. The upper sixths finally beat the teachers in the cricket match after possibly 70 years or so losing to them. This is like, a historical moment.
I tried to study water droplets today, but I was too tired to even finish. I realize that I have trouble with blues. Understanding the blue colour spectrum is what I’m gonna spend some time on, cause I have trouble differentiating between the different hues and saturations. I also came to this realization after taking Munsel’s HueTest which I got a perfect score in (yay!) but I took quite a while longer on the blues.
Also, spent 30 mins doing strength and stretching exercises. No school work got done ;(

Day 5

Got sick :(((
I swear it feels like anyone who takes up this challenge gets sick not too long after XD;; Stupid evil universe. >:(
Also unproductive today cause I wanted to recover. I read a bit of loomis here and there. Forced myself to bicycle ride for an hour. Felt amazing, so exhilarating. I need to do it more often <3 Especially listening to pumped up music <3
Then around 11 to 1 am I studied pure math before going to bed. Nothing really to show, but I’m hoping to have plenty especially thanks to the new Eye of The Tiger Challenge set up by some friends. :) 

And that concludes today's post xD


Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 3

Day 3
First off I’ve decided to swap out the last goal of the challenge, not because I won’t do it anymore, but because it is a bit more personal and I don’t want to blog about it all the time. However, I will continue to be helpful both in the household and in school, and stop shutting myself away from everyone.
So, instead I’m changing my 3rd goal to: Get more fit- I’m not overweight or anything, actually I’m kinda thin but I would like to tone up my body and acquire more strength. I practice kung fu/self defense and I find that I struggle to keep up with some of the routines and stances, so I want to make myself more flexible and strong.

I spent 2 hours at lessons today, and I realized how much I suck under pressure ;-; I could barely finish the paper, and when I went to work on the board, my brain froze and I couldn’t even subtract. -_- I felt so stupid and incompetent. I feel like my teacher expects better and I hate disappointing people :’( I hope to God I can pass this Cambridge exam. ._.
For the art part, I did a little volcano doodle thing. Just playing with ideas and stuff. I asked a friend to name two random objects and I'd try to incorporate it in a painting. She said a volcano and a lighthouse. xD So this is just what I've done today. Not too exciting.:B Though, I do hope to refine it in the future. :)