Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 2

Today I did some sketches of 2 faces I saw in a magazine. First took me about 10-15 mins. I was pleased. The other one of Amy Lee took what felt like an hour. I also continued doing more colour realistic study of the face that I started a few days ago. I started to really more understand colours in the human face though I pretty f*cked up the proportions. I think I still have trouble with going for that drastic lighting on one side of the face. I’m too timid :l I’m posting it despite how awful it looks. I mean, I didnt even finish the poor lady's ear. Oh well. I don’t think I’ll continue with it, cause I spent much too long than I intended.
I read a bit of my physics book today, I need to study moar. Got myself involved in some school activities, and helped with the decoration committee for a contest we’re holding and I’m going to be one of the ushers for the event. That’s it for today :)

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